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Accepted characters: numbers, decimal point markers (period or comma), sign indicators (-), spaces (e.g., as thousands separator, 5 000), “E” or “e” (used in scientific notation). NOTE: For scientific notation, a period MUST be used as the decimal point marker.
Complex numbers should be in the form (a + bi) where “a” and “b” need to have explicitly stated values.
For example: {1+1i} is valid whereas {1+i} is not. {0+9i} is valid whereas {9i} is not.

A medical doctor wishes to test the claim that the standard deviation of the systolic blood pressure of deep sea divers is greater than 450. To do so, she selected a random sample of 25 divers and found s = 468.

Assuming that the systolic blood pressures of deep sea divers are normally distributed, the doctor would perform a chi-square test to test her research hypothesis. In that case, what is the test value that she would compute.

Place your answer, rounded to 3 decimal places, in the blank. For example, 34.567 would be a legitimate entry.

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