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Narratives of a Technology-Related Memory


  1. You may recount a significant technology-related memory. Please recount your experience when you got your first piece of technology (your first phone or TV) and how it affected you, how it changed your life. How did that new technology change your relationships with others, how you spent your time, how you thought about things (or simply how you thought) — and how did that technology assert its influence on you?


  1. Rough and final draft

Has a sense of time and place (setting)

  1. Has relatable, identifiable characters
  2. Focuses on actions (events) and shows
  3. a crisis or crises, a climax (turning point), and a resolution
  4. Is highly descriptive in nature
  5. Includes dialogue (even if that is a silent monologue of your thinking inside your own head)
  6. Is clearly organized and easy to follow
  7. Must be narrated in first person perspective. (This is the ONLY essay in which you should use the personal pronoun, “I.”)
  8. Has importance and significance, and connects to the reader

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     technology  english  narrative essay description 5 pages, Double Spacing

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    Technology is critical for creating and maintaining a person’s lifestyle in today’s societies because the structure and systems that are used for it are dependent on the solutions provided by inventions and innovations. The different resources on the Internet are necessary for acquiring and processing information and connecting with people and entity from different parts of the world without moving from one location to the other. Similarly, the television and radio provide avenues for listeners and viewers to enter into a world created by them and in ways that suit their needs. Also, a call or text from a mobile phone is enough assurance to friend and family that a person is okay or requires their assistance to solve a problem. The powers and influence of these technological solutions are incomparable to any other innovations or invention that humans have created since civilization. Personally, the smartphone remains the leading form of technology for me because of how its acquisition changed my life completely for goods. It became not a just a productivity tool but a means of social interaction, communication, and expression of my culture and professional identity…………..

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