music business identify and analyze the ways you curate and stream music then analyz 4509232

Music Business

identify and analyze the ways you curate and stream music, then analyze how your favorite artist makes her/his living in the music business using transmedia(Instagram, snapchat, Facebook, twitter, audio sites, youtube, apps, store…).

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please use simple sentences and words. thanks!
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 “Music is food to the soul,” my grandfather used to tell me every time I found him listening to his radio. After some time, I found myself liking music programs that were very common on the radio. I grew up listening to rhythm and blues as well as hip-hop as those were the mainstream genres of music in the later 90s as well as the early part of the 21st Century. Even though the media of listening to music has changed over time due to the various technological advancements, music has remained a primary means of entertainment not only to me, but also other people……….

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