Minihaha Case Zenon Manufactures Low Price But High Quality Tablets Two Products

Case analysis and report

Your report shall comprise:

An executive summary (around 200 words). The executive summary is an excellent summary of the key points of the main report. The problems are clearly identified, the alternatives are developed and the recommendation clearly addresses the problems.

The main report is around 800 words. There are two parts to the main report:

Sue Wong wants to know how two costing systems can give such different product profitability. Evaluate each costing system (traditional two stage AND activity based costing) and explain fully the reasons for the differences. Your report should be in language that the marketing and production managers can understand(400 words)

Zenon now uses your evaluation to make decisions. Identify four alternative decisions that Sue Wong, CEO, needs to consider with her marketing and production managers. Recommend how management accounting can be used for each decision to make this business more profitable. (400 words)

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