Minerals Assignment Provide 3 Short Par

Minerals________________________________________Assignment:Provide 3 short paragraphs, of about 80 words each, where in your own words you will make a statement about the following points:1. Overall, the physical properties of minerals provide a reliable means to identify common minerals. However, certain properties can exhibit a range of characteristics or values making them less useful for identification purposes. Choose three physical properties that might vary considerably between samples of the same mineral and explain why such variability might exist.2. Using the information from Table 2.1 in the text, identify five different materials that you encounter or use on a daily basis and give a possible mineral that could be mined to supply those materials. Can you think of any other considerations other than economic that might prohibit or limit the mining of certain minerals?3. Why are most rock-forming minerals silicates? Also, considering the composition of Earth’s crust, do all of the nonsilicate mineral groups make sense chemically? Why or why not?________________________________________Requirements: Use spelling check before you submit the results.Please list references. ________________________________________________________________________________

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