Mimi Hires Gigi A Real Estate Broker To Sell Her Warehouse The Warehouse Burns D

Mimi hires Gigi, a real estate broker, to sell her warehouse. The warehouse burns down before Gigi finds a suitable buyer. In this situation, Gigi is

-Still Mimi’s agent until Mimi’s insurer pays Gigi’s commission

-Still Mimi’s agent until the warehouse is rebuilt

-Still Mimi’s agent for the remainder of the term of the listing agreement

-No longer Mimi’s agent, because the destruction of the warehouse terminated the agency

Jack and Amanda order expensive, engraved wedding invitations from LeChic. When they arrive, the couple discovers that the invitations were engraved on “Greige Vanilla” hand-made paper (beige), rather than on “Arctic White” (pure white), as they had ordered. When jack and Amanda reject the order and refuse to pay for the non-conforming invitations, a court will most likely hold that the color difference in the engraved wedding invitations is

-A material breach which allows Jack and Amanda to cancel the contract

– A minor breach which allows Jack and Amanda only an adjustment in the purchase price for the difference in value between the invitations as ordered and the invitations which were delivered (both papers are the same price so the difference would be $0)

-A material breach which entitles Jack and Amanda to keep the invitations at no cost

-No breach since wedding invitations are frequently printed on both types of paper, and all the information on the invitations is accurate

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