Midwest Education Inc Case Five Page Paper Is Required This Is The Last Homework

Midwest Education, Inc. Case Five page paper is requiredTHIS IS THE LAST HOMEWORK FOR HRMAfter reading the case and your readings in the textbook, answer the questions in detail. Answer the following: 1 Can Midwest education be selective in who it offers relocation benefits to. Explain.2 Are the employees of ETA who merged with the creative development division guaranteed positions at Midwest Education, or should they be treated as a pool of applicants? Explain3 Which of the three approaches should Midwest education use to select which manufacturing employees to keep? Is there a better method? Explain.4 Which de-cruitment method is best for a “quality” strategy? Explain.Right now my grade is 89.6%. If I get “A” in this final homework then my grade will be “A” that is what I’m hoping for. This is a major paper because it consists 30% of the grade for the semester.A special tip is waiting for you, if you get “A” on this homework.Thank you.

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