Mgt 4027 Name Global Business Management Date Week 2 Assignment 2 Case Study App

While in office as the 43rd American President, George W. Bush is considered by many to be a “pro-trade president.” In his State of the Union address given on January 20, 2004, he stated “My administration is promoting free trade, free and fair trade, to open new markets for American entrepreneurs, and manufacturers, and farmers, and to create jobs for American workers.”President Bush signed trade agreements with Chile and Singapore and has several agreements pending approval with Australia as well as five Central American countries. The Bush Administration has supported normal trade relations with China and has continually rejected barriers to trade with China even though there are global complaints on a variety of human rights issues.Would Smith and Ricardo agree with President Bush’s trade policies? If so, why? What trade theories appear to apply to the Bush Administration’s current trade policies?To what extent does the Hechscher-Ohlin theory apply to the current U.S. trade policies? Provide specific examples. Use the Word document template provided for this assignment.

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