MGMT 601: Assignment 4 – Book Review (Strategy)

For this assignment choose a Trade/Professional business book on strategy (not a textbook).

Part A (40%) \- Review the book and provide a summary of the important points the author makes about the subject.

Part B (20%) \- Address each category

Purpose and Audience

What is the purpose of the book? Is the purpose stated or implied?

Who is the book’s intended audience? How might this influence its content?

Is the book a primary or secondary source?


Does the author have adequate qualifications/expertise?

Who is the sponsoring agency?

Is the work cited in other writings?

Accuracy & Reliability

Is a bibliography or reference list available so information can be verified?

Does the book offer trustworthy information?

Check if data, statistics, and facts are documented (and timely)


Is the information biased or objective? Is that appropriate?

Is the book mostly fact or opinion? Is that appropriate?

Examine the evidence presented. Is it adequate or credible?


Is the information current? Should it be?

Are the current research findings/and/or theories evident? Should they be?


Does the book adequately cover its topic?

Are important aspects of the topic omitted?

Are omissions acknowledged?

Does the book significantly contribute to the field/discipline? Should it?

Part C – (40%) \- Identify the most interesting thing(s) you learned about the book’s subject. How can you use what you’ve learned at work and in your business career? Why (or why not) would recommend this book to others?

Format \- This paper should be between 8 and 10 pages long and be written as a professional business report.

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