Mgmt 520 You Decide Week 5 The Newest Answer Write A Memo To The Teddy S Suppl

MGMT 520 – You decide week 5, the newest answer.

Q1. Write a memo to the Teddy’s Supplies CEO advising him of the following:

\- The case facts.

\- The decisions/proceedings to date.

\- The company’s potential for ability, and under what laws.

\- The worst-case damages that could be imposed.

Q2. How does Title VII apply to this fact scenario?

Q3. Research and support your answer with two appellate level (including Supreme Court) U.S. cases that discuss sexual harassment and Title VII, and pertain to this case. Provide the case names, citations, facts, and decisions of those cases.

Q4. Review Teddy’s sexual harassment policy that Virginia Pollard signed. Virginia tried to make an anonymous complaint, but the website was down that day. During the Human Rights Commission case, a review of the website statistics showed that Virginia accessed the website for downloading dental coverage forms at least three times during the time-frame of the alleged discrimination, but did not try to access the complaint area. The commission determined that Teddy’s ability to track employees’ website use violated privacy rights, and refused to consider this information. Provide three recommendations to the CEO for a way to ensure that future employees cannot claim “technical issues” for not filing a complaint. Explain, in your recommendations, the legal consequences to an employee if they do not utilize the complaint mechanism of the sexual harassment policy. Support these recommendations with current case law.

Q5. Would Pollard’s case be affected if her replacement was female? If so, how? If not, why not? Explain.

MemoTo: CEO, Teddy’s Supplies Inc.,From: Independent HR ConsultantDate:RE: Appeal on Pollard CaseFactsThe purpose of the memo is to examine the facts of case relating to the alleged sexual…

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