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M1D1: Filling a Swimming Pool

In this discussion, you will work in small groups in online discussions to solve a mathematics problem involving changes of units. This group discussion will help prepare you for activity M1A2, in which you will write and submit an individual complete solution to a similar problem.

a poolSolve the following problem, and post your solutions to the discussion forum.

Jill has a swimming pool in her backyard. It is shaped like a rectangle and measures approximately 16.3 feet wide and 26.2 feet long. It is an average of 5 feet deep. During a few hot weeks during the summer, some water evaporates from the pool, and Jill needs to add 8 inches of water to the depth of the pool, using her garden hose. Although her water pressure varies, the water flows through Jill’s garden hose at an average rate of 10 gallons/minute.

  1. Convert the dimensions of the pool to meters. Round all meter measurements to one decimal place (nearest tenth of a meter).
  2. How many liters will Jill need to add to her pool to return the water level to its original depth? How many gallons of water is this? Reminder: Volume = Length x Width x Depth
  3. How long will Jill need to run the hose? Express your answer in hours and minutes.

Be sure to answer all parts of the question above. It is possible that you will not be successful at answering all parts of the question at this point, and that is okay. Describe what you were able to solve and what questions you have remaining.

Since this module focuses on measurement it will be very important that mathematical conversions be clearly demonstrated throughout your problem write-up. For example, if you must convert 28 yards to meters, you must track your calculations with cancellation of units as seen below:

28 yards times (0.9144 meters / 1 yard) = 25.6 meters. Both instances of the unit “yards” is crossed out to indicate cancellation.

clipboard with checkmark on itIt is important to follow the Discussion Problem Instructions [Click to Expand/Contract]

This is intended to be a challenging problem that will require you to work together for a successful solution. Just as you learn from others’ ideas, they will learn from your questions and contributions. Whether you understand a complete solution to the problem or are struggling to work it through, you are expected to participate actively in the discussion throughout the module and to work collaboratively with your classmates on a thorough problem solution.

Goals for this discussion, while working with your classmates:

  • The focus here is not only on finding the “right” answers, but on explaining and justifying your reasoning for all mathematical steps and ideas you present.
  • Engage with and reflect on the issues being discussed, which will be critical for your course grade.
  • Demonstrate that you understand all parts of the problem and its solution by the end of the module

This will prepare you for the next activity, in which you will write and submit an individual complete solution to a similar problem.


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