Many Organization Are Moving Away From Waterfall Methodologies To Agile Or An Ad

Many organization are moving away from Waterfall Methodologies to Agile (or an Adaptive Iterative approach) to support the ever-changing project and stakeholder needs. This course attempts to add Agile and Adaptive Iterative methodology consideration within the PMBOK Knowledge Areas. To Facilitate this, lets discuss Waterfall and Agile in this Forum. Refer to the Discussion and Replies Rubric to ensure you cover all the requirements.

Find and share (APA) a resource that compares Agile to Waterfall methodologies and address the following (you will have to search outside of the reading assignments for this module):

  1. What is the difference between Agile and Waterfall?
  2. How would you choose the proper Methodology?
  3. How is project management addressed in the Bible?
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