Managing diversity | Management homework help

You will be asked to read two short articles on how companies are managing diversity. You will research other cases in the business news that highlight challenges in promoting diversity as well as best practices. The goal is for you to reflect on the positive impact of diversity management initiatives, offer examples of firms that were able to successfully create a diverse work environment, and identify challenges in adopting these initiatives.

The deliverable is a paper describing and discussing solutions for helping modern organizations take advantage of the benefits of embracing diversity initiatives. The paper should be around 1500 words, appendix and graphs excluded. Please address the questions below as you build your paper. You can expand on it.


  • What does diversity management mean and what are the benefits of a diverse workplace?

Cases/Examples of Diversity Management Initiatives

  • Search and describe 2-3 examples of initiatives that successfully promoted diversity. What did your learn from them? What are the differences?


  • What would you suggest changing in those 2-3 examples you provided? If you were the CEO of those companies, would you have done anything different? Can you think of additional initiatives that should be considered in addition to what you found during your research? Were those initiatives all successful? If not, what did you learn from them?


  • Recap of lessons learned and challenges in implementing diversity initiatives.



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