Male Sexual Anatomy And Physiology

Question Description

As with female anatomy, male sexual anatomy impacts the decisions we make, and expectations we have,with regard to body satisfaction and sexual satisfaction. In line with the question posed for femaleanatomy, let’s say you are having coffee with friends when they begin discussing the trend in the malepopulation of having penile augmentation in order to increase the sexual satisfaction of their partners.Knowing what you do about these procedures, as well as male sexual anatomy in sexual satisfaction,what would you add to the conversation in order to dispel these misconceptions? What recommendationswould you have to reliably increase sexual satisfaction?

response will be graded for grammar, format, and the accuracy of the answer, so be sure to takeyour time and proof read. Also, be sure to address each part of the question.

 Format: Each response should be typed with the following format: 1 inch margins, single spaced, 12point Times New Roman. Your name should be in the upper right corner (and nothing else), and youshould write the title of your response as the chapter the question coincides with. Your grade will bereduced if these guidelines are not followed.

 Each response should be no less than ½ page with the above format, but no more than 1 page. Keepin mind that it’s the quality of your response, not quantity, which counts.

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