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Complete the Independent Challenge 3 exercise on page Access 160 in Module 6: Improving Queries. Do not perform the Print in step g, and m. The Friedrichsen Access 2016 data files can be found in the Resources section of the class. You must download and use the LakeHomes-6.accdb file provided with this course – look in the Resource section, Access Module 6 in the Friedrichsen Access 2016 Data Files folder.

Name the completed Access database Last Name_LakeHomes-6.accdb (i.e. Smith_ LakeHomes-6.accdb).

(-40) – additional submission allowed to compete this work
a. Open LakeHomes-6.accdb 2% (the deduction may be materially higher if correct file not used)

b. Create query with fields (in order) – AgencyName (Agencies table), RFirst and RLast (Realtors table), SqFt and Asking (Listings table) 5%

c. Sort in Descending order by SqFt field – removed for second query 0%

d. Save Query as BySqFt 2%

d. Enter Student last name in place of Schwartz 3%

e. Modify Query – add calculated field PerSqFt [Asking]/[SqFt] 6%

f. Remove former Sorts – sort PerSqFt in Descending order, save and close query 4%

g. Use Property sheet to set PerSqFt to currency, no Print needed 3%

h. Create CostSummary query – by copying BySqFt as base 2%

i. Delete RFirst, RLast and SqFt fields 2%

j. Change Big Cedar Realtors agency name to student last name Realtors 3%

k. Add Total row, then sum the Asking field and use Average aggregate function for the PerSqFt calculated field 5%

l. In Datasheet View – add the Total row and display the sum of the SumOfAsking field, widen all fields as needed, (see figure 6-22) 3%

m. If requested – print the CostSummary query – not requested 0%

n. Close and exit – change filename to include Student Last name 0%

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