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I need help to answer following question. It’s not an essay. Please see attached.


Part 1:

Economics events

Using the internet, find a newspaper article which focuses on recent economic events in China or Russia. What was the main point of the article? What facts or data did the article present? Did you agree or disagree with the author? Why?

Please answer in 200 words or more. Use your own words – please do not copy and paste from a website. Be sure to reference your sources.

Part 2:

Government and Fiscal Policy and Socialist Economies in Transition

Please answer following questions:

  • What is the difference between government expenditures and government purchases? How do the two variables differ in terms of their effect on GDP? Answer:
  • Suppose an economy has an inflationary gap. How does the government’s actual budget deficit or surplus compare to the deficit or surplus it would have at potential output? Answer:
  • Suppose the president was given the authority to increase or decrease federal spending by as much as $100 billion in order to stabilize economic activity. Do you think this would tend to make the economy more or less stable? Answer:

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