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I need some questions answered for macbeth. Just short answers.

Macbeth Act 4 – Close Reading

Answer all questions in full sentences using specific evidence from the text as support. Submit on You may work with a partner.

1. Why does Lady Macduff believe Macduff is a traitor? (1)

2. How do her feelings about Macduff portray the paradox, “Fair is foul, and foul is fair”? (1)

3. What is the significance of the setting? Why is it important that this scene occur in England? (2)

4. Discuss the use of foils evident in this scene. How do these characters function as foils to Macbeth: Edward, Malcolm, Macduff? (2)

5. How does Malcolm use verbal irony and hyperbole to communicate with Macduff? (2)

6. Why does Malcolm deceive Macduff? What does Malcolm hope to gain by deceiving Macduff? (2)

7. In two places (57-60 and 91-94), Malcolm creates lists (catalogues).
What is the purpose of each catalogue? What are the effects of Malcolm’s somewhat repetitive lists? (2)

8. Compare Macduff’s reaction to Malcolm’s intentions toward Scotland’s women and those towards Scotland’s lands (69-76 and 84-90). (3)

9. How does Macduff react to the news that his family has been murdered? What does this show about men? (2)

10. What is the significance of parents and children in this play? (3)




of the text/content

Substantiate and justify ideas with relevant examples

Ability to analyze language and style and evaluate their effects on the reader

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