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The gluten free dietary trend has gained a lot of attention in the media lately. Jimmy Kimmel, the late-night host, tested gluten-free people’s knowledge about the substance they’re avoiding. Asking, ‘What Is Gluten? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.’ Watch/listen to what they had to say. [03:32 minutes]

After watching the video, share your ideas about the following brainstorm question based on your opinion or your own experiences. Begin immediately without completing your reading, no later than Monday or Tuesday.

  1. Based on your own opinion of the “gluten free buzz,” what do you think gluten is and do you think this is a one size fits all diet for the digestive system?

For the second part of this discussion, apply what you have learned from the course materials for this module and your own research. We’ll complete this discussion together, as each of us weighs in on the following topics. (Begin contributing on Wednesday):

  1. Thinking about how the digestive system is physiologically affected by gluten in various digestive conditions (including normal), who would you say is most negatively impacted by gluten in their diet and why?
  2. Though some people clearly benefit from gluten-free, there are some misguided reasons people adopt the gluten-free diet. What are these reasons and what do you think is important information for them to have?
  3. What are some pros and cons of the gluten-free craze for individuals that do not suffer intolerance to gluten? (Does it benefit everyone’s health? increase healthier food choices? or distract from more important nutritional concerns?)
  4. How have you or someone you know experienced a social change being gluten-free? (restaurant choices, birthday celebrations, family and friend get-togethers, food shopping, conversations at work, with friends, or at home, etc)

Support your ideas with principles/understandings from the text or discussion materials.

minimum 300 words

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