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Leader Interview

Each student will be required to interview a leader in their community. You may select a business and industry leader, coach, principal, elected official, or spiritual leader. You must conduct the interview in person or over the telephone. Questions should NOT be e-mailed to the leader as live dialogue is critical to this assignment.

Before you begin the interview, the student should explain the nature of our leadership class, and the general purpose of the assignment. 

Questions have been answered in attachment 


The student will prepare a written report of their findings.

Introduction: The final report should begin with an introduction to the leader selected, including the leader’s name, title, company, and why this particular leader was selected. This section should be 200-300 words. No citations are required unless outside sources are used to support the leader’s introduction. From the rubric: The author identifies an exceptional leader for the interview and includes an engaging, detailed, and compelling rationale for the selection, the author captivates the reader by providing intriguing and unique information regarding the speaker.

Interview: The student should then present the questions and the leader’s responses. The questions are 150 words. The length of the responses will vary. However, the average will probably be 50-75 words per question; thus, it would not be unusual for this portion to be 600-700 words including the questions. No citations are required as it will be assumed that the responses are from the leader. From the rubric: The author completes all required interview questions, additional unique and compelling questions are added to the interview; complete, detailed, and accurate responses are summarized to provide an engaging review of the interview dialogue.

Summary: The report will end with a summary of what the student has learned about leadership development because of this interview. This section should be 300-400 words and include citations to support the various aspects of leadership theory that you identify from the interview. From the rubric: The author accurately identifies the interviewee′s leadership style and supports this with specific and insightful reasoning; key elements of the interviewee′s leadership development are identified and expanded upon to create an accurate picture of growth and maturation of leadership skills; an analysis of key leadership concepts gained during the interview is included; author displays a reflective and in-depth understanding of leadership theory.


The completed assignment must be prepared in APA format, including the title page, reference page, section headings, and in-text source citations. However, the interview responses may be single-spaced.


A minimum of three current sources (no older than 3 years) and reliable (they must include an author and date of publication). All sources must be cited. 

An exemplary paper (A) will typically require 1100-1400 words (see requirements per section) to effectively complete all requirements.

 I have provided an example template, the paper for which the format is to be set up, and the resource guide needed. 

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