Lowell Industrialization In Early 1800s

Question Description

Write a 2-3 page essay that examines the attached letters and evaluates them in the context of the early 1800s.

2-3 pages

Typed, double spaced

paper must have a title (the wittier the better)

Use footnotes or parenthetical citations to cite sources (see syllabus for examples)

The letters attached to the paper assignment are primary sources. They are letters written by women who worked in the Lowell factories. “Susan” wrote hers for the “Lowell Offering,” a newsletter published by the factory owners. For this paper assignment you need to examine the letters and interpret their historical importance. In your essay you need to present a historical argument that connects the information in the letters, or the perspective of the authors to larger historical changes that occurred in the early 1800s. This will require you to do some additional research to understand the broader context of the letters. Keep in mind that historical documents often have a hidden subtext and that the writers do not always mean exactly what they write. Historical documents usually have layers of meaning.

the historical significance of the letters.

connected the letters to broader historical changes.

created your own historical argument.

conducted research to contextualize the letter.

cite your sources.

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