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There are six management principles of Max Weber’s bureaucratic model: task specialization, hierarchical authority, formal selection, rules and requirements, impersonal, and career orientation. These six principles apply to both public and private sectors. In your initial discussion board response, provide examples of two benefits of bureaucracy along with two to three disadvantages of bureaucracy. Be sure to provide examples from both public and private sectors.

Your response should include at least one scholarly source and be at least 300 words in length.

I have included some disadvantages of bureaucracy below that could be used in the answer

Despite of all the facts which were presented in bureaucratic theory there are several criticism which were raised up towards the theory these critics are as follows;

  1. Too much emphasis on rules and regulations. The rules and regulations are rigid and inflexible.
  2. No importance is given to informal groups. Nowadays, informal groups play an important role in all business organizations.
  3. Bureaucracy involves a lot of paper work. This results in lot of wastage of time, effort and money.
  4. There will be unnecessary delay in decision-making due to formalities and rules.
  5. Bureaucratic model may be suitable for government organizations. But it is not suitable for business organizations because business organizations believe in quick decision making and flexibility in procedures.
  6. Too much importance is given to the technical qualifications of the employees for promotion and transfers. Dedication and commitment of the employee is not considered.
  7. There is difficulty in coordination and communication.
  8. There is limited scope for Human Resource (HR).

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