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Katherine Shepherd

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Apr 27, 2022, 8:16 PM


Although EBP has been associated with a higher quality of care and improved patient outcomes, organizations continue to face challenges and barriers in implementing and sustaining a culture of EBP (Echevarria et al., 2017). These barriers include lack of knowledge and skills by health care providers, resistance to EBP, time, misunderstanding of EBP, and lack of financial commitment (Echevarria et al., 2017). This writer’s proposed change revolving around the mental health treatment stigma that some veterans have is no exception to the barriers that one may face when implementing EBP change. Financially speaking, there would be no direct increase in cost with the implementation of this project, however, it would take up the time of health care professionals who implement the educational intervention. The argument could be made that the financial cost will indirectly come from the time of the professionals. A quality aspect of this project includes the potential for an increased quality in patient care by means of connecting those suffering from mental illness with treatment options that may have otherwise been overlooked. EBP changes should include innovation, shared decision making, and quality and safety (Echevarria et al., 2017). The quality of treatment that veterans receive stands to be improved with the implementation of this project. There are also clinical aspects to take into account as well, as health care professionals participating in this change project will need to be acutely aware of mental health signs and symptoms, as well as communication strategies when talking with veterans who may have stigma. This change proposal will have a direct impact on clinical factors, and has the propensity to improve patient care by more aptly recommending mental health treatment to those who need it.

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