Job search for masters in business! labor market research

Please Complete The Labor Market Research Worksheet.

Look for Jobs that require a masters Degree or more in the field of business using the links provided in the worksheet.

Location of Jobs:

San Diego, CA (no relocation)


University of Phoenix (San Diego) 

Next, go to to get job announcements for your primary job choice. Please make sure

 that the jobs are in the area that you want to work in. For example, if you stated that you do not want to

 relocate, please do not look for job announcements in cities or states that are not within normal 

commuting distances. I will need for you to provide five job announcements for your primary selection.

Next, find a training facility/school that offers training for your desired occupational field/job. For 

example, if you found a job in O ’net that requires a Master’s degree in Computer Science, you can go to

 google and enter “Schools in San Diego that offer a Bachelor’s in Computer Science”. You will have to

 apply to theschool/training facility and get accepted as well. The worksheet needs to be filled out

completely. The “School/Training Required” page is utterly important. EVERYTHING needs to be 

completed on that page! 

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