japan s economic outlook country of japan the final project for this course requires 4508907

Japan’s Economic Outlook


Country of Japan

The final project for this course requires that students select a country in the East Asian-Pacific region and report on the economy and economic conditions in that country. The report should focus on economic events and conditions during a period beginning three years ago and ending at the present, but students are also required to discuss issues and events prior to the last three years from a historical perspective, explaining how current events and circumstances arose from historical processes. Finally, students should include in the last section recommendations for current and future economic policies for the selected country.

The completed project will include the following elements, each of which should be associated with a heading in your paper:

  1. Description of the current economic condition
  2. Economic practices and political institutions drawn from the country’s history
  3. Influence of macroeconomic schools of thought and policies
  4. The role of government
  5. Openness/closeness of the economy
  6. Population and demographics
  7. Trade and trade policy
  8. Environment
  9. Application theories of growth
  10. Summation of your findings, including at least two policy recommendations for future improvements.

Your paper should be eight to ten pages in length and cite at least five credible published sources (other than the course textbook) to support your positions, arguments, and analyses in addition to citing at least one discussion of economic system theory from the textbook. At least three of the sources should be written by economists in peer-reviewed academic journals, and at least two of the sources should present arguments or perspectives that differ from or oppose each other. APA format

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