Itec information technology i need that after 5 hours

Rather than take a traditional true-false / multiple choice test where you need to learn specific information, this exam is designed to have you research and then use critical thinking to answer the questions. Learning to write a “reflective” answer is important because it helps you increase the value of your learning experience, it encourages you to take meaning from your own research and apply that to what you are learning in the course, and it helps you relate new learnings and experiences to your prior knowledge. 

This exam includes five questions each worth from 0-15 pts. Please see the attached exam with its background explanation, the test questions, and the test grading rubric. I’ve also attached pgs. 71-75 from the Turban text, for Question 4. 

 Please POST your written answers to these five questions as one MS Word document posted in this assignment area. Be sure to include your name, course, date, and assignment title on your submission. Each question is worth from 0-15 points.  KPP ,assignment due after 5 hours

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