Issue brief | Social Science homework help

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The organization should serve youth involved with child welfare or the department of juvenile services.

As a member of the Executive Team for an organization serving vulnerable children, you have been tasked to prepare a report summarizing the development of a program to support these children. Your task as an experienced manager hoping to convince others to address the problem is to prepare an Issue

Brief that:

· presents facts on the nature of this problem, (incidence, prevalence, special needs of this population)

· identifies the individual, familial and community risks that have contributed to the problem,

· discusses relevant policy initiatives or laws around the problem,

· explores why it makes sense (and cents) for the community to support this population and fund programs to support the problem,

· notes other systems that may also be serving these children,

· identifies the protective factors that may be lacking in the families of these children, 

· summarize at least three program models or evidence-based interventions to improve the outcomes for these specific children and families in the child welfare system,

· presents resources already available to address the issue and support the population, and

· discuss ways that the problem could have been prevented from affecting children altogether. 

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