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Week 1: Introductions and Your Story

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In this course, we will express our ideas, share what we’ve learned, and provide feedback to our fellow classmates by participating in discussions. The discussions provide a forum for us to interact with each other, as well as to make connections and build relationships that may endure throughout your academic journey and beyond. 

University of Maryland Global Campus operates under a code of civility that requires respect, kindness, and nondiscrimination in all interactions. Keep the code of civility in mind as you participate in the course discussions. 

Let’s begin by introducing ourselves and providing a story about what brought you to University of Maryland Global Campus. Your story is important, and sharing it with your classmates provides opportunities to learn, relate, and gain inspiration from each other. 

Tell us a little about yourself and share what brought you here. Be as creative as you wish with the format for your story! Write a narrative, upload a photo with your written story, or create and post a video.  

Your story should be 200 to 300 written words, or a 2- to 3-minute video/audio recording using your choice of recording device. Make sure everyone can see and/or hear you. Respond to your classmates’ stories by posting comments describing what you learned or found interesting. 

Here are some questions to think about and answer as you create your story. 

  1. What brings you to University of Maryland Global Campus at this point in your life? 
  2. What have you overcome to get to this point? 
  3. Describe your support system. Who are they? How and why are they supporting you? 
  4. What type of support are you looking to get from University of Maryland Global Campus? 
  5. Beyond a degree, what do you hope to achieve as a student? 

It’s important to start on the right foot and post your story to the Week 1 discussion by Sunday night. If you’re not able to post your discussion during Week 1, please reach out to me so we can create a plan to keep you on track. I am here to help you succeed! Additionally, to make this post interactive, I’d like you to respond to at least two classmates’ initial posts.

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