Intro to business class – responses to classmates forum posts – 400


Intro to Business Class

You are writing a reply to forum posts made by my classmates.

2 replies. 200-words in each reply. 

The main forum post[1] is at the bottom.

What you are replying to:

First Reply:

Good afternoon class,

I believe the ability to adapt and change is instrumental in us to grow as leaders and a business for the future. You have to learn and grow from struggles and mistakes. Something that worked ten years ago in business will not have the same effect on the market today as it did then. For example, mailing post card advertisement was a very popular means of communication to the market however, I am not sure about anyone else but I mostly throw that “junk” mail away. I look for marketing and advertisement through social media and internet searches. Technology has changed that. It is ever growing. 

           Technology is instrumental in a company’s success. I believe that with all of my heart. From advertisement, company structure and operation, technology is used daily. You have to keep up with technology if you wish to continue to be an instrumental driving part in this day’s market. I personally was outsourced in my current employer before becoming a permanent fixture. I believe this allows the company to see what type of employee you are prior to investing benefits, excessive training and resources into you. It also allowed me as an employee to make sure I was the right fit. This allowed me to find a position that allowed me to stay at home that I would have never knew of prior to researching online job opportunities. I believe this is smart move on both the employer and employee aspect. I believe this type of atmosphere will continue to grow as the workforce does. 

Second Reply:


This question is even more applicable after the events of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Some other students referred to the pandemic already and hopefully I can bring in a different perspective. I think the pandemic has ruined the 40-hour work week for the next foreseeable future due to teleworking and companies realizing they do not need to have everyone in the office to be successful. Although there are psychological issues that may arise due to isolation and the inability to interact with people in person, many brick and mortar organization are cutting back.

What role does technology play? 

Technology plays a huge part in the workforce today and will continue to be utilized. The need for programmers and cyber security experts to maintain these systems is another job that companies and organizations can look for. Spreadsheets, documents, automated graphs, power points, emails, project management, file storage, and virtual meetings are almost essential to a successful business in the 21st century.

Do you think outsourcing will continue to play a role?

Outsourcing will always be apart of a business and workforce. There is always someone looking for an opportunity whether the work is better, cheaper, or both. Sometimes it is more cost effective to rely on a company that specializes in a particular problem set or function rather than dumping large sums of money into your own organic capability.


[1] After watching the video, explain how today’s business workforce and the nature of work itself is changing. What role does technology play? Will Do you think outsourcing will continue to play a role?

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