Information assurance and security | Information Systems homework help

 I have 5 assignments that need to be worked on.

Week 1

Throughout this course you will study the different  roles that contribute to an organization’s information security and  assurance.

Part A:

Select an organization you wish to explore and use throughout the course.

As you make your selection, keep in mind that you  will explore the following roles in the organization: Cyber Security  Threat Analyst, Penetration Tester, Cyber Security Engineer, Risk  Management Analyst, and Software Engineer. You need sufficient knowledge  of the organization you select to complete these security assignments.

Part B:

A Cyber Security Threat Analyst conducts  analysis, digital forensics, and targeting to identify, monitor, assess,  and counter cyber-attack threats against information systems, critical  infrastructure, and cyber-related interests.

Take on the role of a Cyber Security Threat Analyst for the organization you select. Use the Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerability Assessment Template to create a 3- to 4-page Assessment Document.

Research and include the following:

  • Tangible assets:
    • Include an assessment scope. The scope must include virtualization, cloud, database, network, mobile, and information system.
  • Asset descriptions:
    • Include a system model, A diagram and descriptions of each asset  included in the assessment scope, and existing countermeasures already  in place. (Microsoft® Visio® or Lucidhart®)
  • Threat agents and possible attacks
  • Exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Threat history
  • Evaluation of threats or impact of threats on the business
  • A prioritized list of identified risks
  • Countermeasures to reduce threat

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