In Preparation For Your Auteur Assignment The Penultimate Graded Submission For

In preparation for your Auteur Assignment (the penultimate graded submission for class), choose one film to view from the options provided below. Put the title of the film at the top of your submission and the names of the main characters just below, each with a one-sentence description.

Describe to whom the story belonged, what experiences the protagonist(s) had, and what changes he, she, or they underwent as a result (100 words). Do not summarize the plot.

Next, do a close reading (400 words) of one scene (a series of shots united by time and place that, taken together, form a scene) that engenders an emotional response, and describe what cinematic techniques (camera movement and/or angle, editing, lighting, set, casting, sound, etc.–elements not to be confused with actions and plot) the director employs to the create the desired reaction (joy, despair, confusion, etc.) in his or her audience.

Try to stay as much as possible within the word limit.

This time around, do a little background research on the director, and think about how the film exhibits his or her unique style or thematic elements and/or preoccupations. If you have already written about the film listed by one of the directors below, choose another of his or her works for the close analysis of a scene. You will need to view three movies by the same director to fulfill the Auteur Theory assignment.

_Death of a Bureaucrat_ / _La muerte de un burocrata_ (Cuba, 1966) Dir., Tomas Gutierrez Alea

_Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown_ / _Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervious_ (Spain, 1988) Dir., Pedro Almodóvar

_Through a Glass Darkly_ / _Såsom i en spegel_ (Sweden, 1961) Dir., Ingmar Bergman

_Oasis_ / _Oasiseu_ (South Korea, 2002) Dir., Chang-dong Lee

_The Color of Paradise_ / _Rang-e khoda_ (Iran, 1998) Dir., Majid Majidi

_The Girl Who Sold the Sun_ / _La petite vendeuse de soleil_ (Senegal, 1999) Dir., Djibril Diop Mambéty

_1947 Earth_ (India, 1998) Dir., Deepa Mehta

_The Wild Child_ / _L’enfant sauvage_ (France, 1970) Dir., Francois Truffaut

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