In Paper 5 You Will Discuss The Influences Of Ancient Greek And Roman Arts Ideas

In Paper 5 you will discuss the influences of Ancient Greek and Roman arts , ideas and innovations in our culture toda y. You will select 1 example from each of these categories for both societies, introduce the original expression and explain how you observe a current application. In this way, you will discuss 6 total examples in both their original form and their contemporary usage.

Arts \- includes, but is not limited to: painting, sculpture, music, dance, architecture, music, performance (theater), poetry and literature

Ideas \- includes, but is not limited to: philosophy, religion and politics/government

Innovations \- includes, but is not limited to: scientific and mathematical advances, engineering/technical discoveries and changes in social practices.

Paragraph 1: Introduction — say what you are going to do and identify the examples you are going to examine (name them).

Paragraph 2: Example 1 — talk about your first item and its importance in its original society (Greek or Roman). Explore how you see this example applied in our contemporary culture

Paragraph 3 -7: Go through the same process with the remaining examples.

Paragraph 8: Conclusion – which of the above examples seems most significant to you? Do you think most people realize how much these ancient societies influence contemporary values and culture? Was this, in fact, a new realization for you?

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