In Order To Increase Your Understanding Of This Case Study The Practical Class W

In order to increase your understanding of this case study, the practical class will provide the opportunity to view anatomical models and receive guidance from an anatomy tutor. You also have all of your lecture notes, the course textbook/Mastering Biology, and your own tutor as additional resources. You will aim to identify concepts related to the structure and function of the 4 biological systems covered, and integrate this information into a concept map that demonstrates the responses and interactions in the body of the case study patient. By the end of this practical, you should be able to: ✓ Recall and demonstrate your understanding of basic cellular events (e.g. release of hormones & neurotransmitters). Apply this understanding to the 4 biological systems covered (and others). Qualitatively describe the relationship between the 4 systems (e.g. cardiac output and kidney function). Visually depict those relationships using a concept map. Evaluate those relationships and explain a possible biological cause for the symptoms of your patient.

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