In Order To Ensure A Proper Instillation Of The New Software There Are Some Thin

In order to ensure a proper instillation of the new software, there are some things you’ll need to make sure the visit is proper and productive. Make sure there are no issues that you haven’t been made privy to and that you have the tools you need to make the instillation. Ahead of time, if at all possible, you need to know both the specifications of the employee’s machine and the specifications of the new OS. If there is an incompatibility the instillation can be either scratched or extra hardware can be brought upgrade the machine. To perform the upgrade, you need to make sure you backup all of the data on the drive. You should have brought a drive of your own as sort of a temporary holding place for everything. You then can make any hardware adjustments (such as memory or ram). If this is the case, proper safety techniques, as we’ve covered before, need to be followed. Follow the instructions for performing a system upgrade-insert disk or activate application, chose the drive to install to, make sure it’s a complete upgrade, double check that the system (including any memory you installed) is compatible, and let the instillation do it’s thing. There is almost always a setup tutorial and other starter things that need to be done, as the machine is basically brand new. Once you’ve setup/restored system setting, check the computer to be sure it’s functioning properly and no issues are at play. Also ensure that there are no missing applications that need to be reinstalled or other add-ons that need to be purchased. Lastly, restore the data to the computer.

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