In Order To Code This Assignment Correctly You Must Use The Latest Version Of Je

In order to code this assignment correctly you MUST use the latest version of JES. The link to download JES is below:

You recently graduated college and you are applying for a programming job that requires the understanding of loops in Python. The manager you are interviewing with has asked you to take an assessment to prove your programming knowledge. Below are the requirements for the programming skills test.

In Python, create a program that meets the following requirements:

* Take two integers from the user.
* Save the lower number as x.
* Save the largest integer as y.
* Write a loop that counts from x to y by twos.
* Print out the values of that loop using the Print function in Python.
* Write another loop that adds x and y, and saves the value as Z.
* Print out the values of Z using the Print function in Python.

Provide the code and take a screenshot of the output, then paste the screenshot(s) into a Microsoft® Word document.

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