In Order To Better Understand Business Process Analysis And How It Is Done In Re

In order to better understand business process analysis, and how it is done in real life, conduct a literature and web search on the topic. Using your favorite search engine or the Rasmussen Library, enter the terms “business process analysis.”

Then, in a 1-page paper, written in APA format using proper spelling/grammar, address the following:

1. Define Business Process Analysis.
2. Describe Process/Activity Flows and Activity Descriptions.
3. Keeping in mind what is involved in preparing final outcomes from a process analysis, evaluate the task of creating and using workflow diagrams to other methods such as a verbal description of a business process — how do they compare?

The articles you find in your search may not necessarily be healthcare examples. Rest assured that the process and tasks are similar, whether performed in a healthcare setting or in a different setting.

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