In My Work Experience We Have Moved Multiple Support Departments To A Different

In my work experience, we have moved multiple support departments to a different country, the Philippines. The

culture between the United States and the Philippines varies greatly. Culture is defined as the basic shared assumptions, beliefs, norms and values held consciously or unconsciously by a group of people (Weinclaw, 2019). Cultures often collide in the workplace nowadays with so many businesses having multiple locations whether it be domestically where employees are located throughout the United States, or internationally.

The communication styles and understanding of rules and regulations within the business completely differ between the countries. This makes working together very difficult. Working with a team in Manilla is a new process for the sales team, and it has been very frustrating. For example, a lot of accounts purchase from a Master Agreement. The Agreement has specific terms and conditions which allows for no signatures on documents. Our Manilla account team pushes orders back for no signature. It is very difficult try to communicate how orders can be pushed through for account setup based up Master Agreements terms. There are many little miscommunications culturally which makes the process very difficult.


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