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Question: Part 1: Calculations

As an Expert Mathematics Witness, you have been presented with a Ballistics Report, and a Police Report as your evidence. Use the information provided within these files to prove who, out of the three suspects, is guilty of the crime.

Use the links below to download the files:

* Ballistics Lab Report
* Police Report and Witness Statement

Question 1 (1 point)

Using the evidence provided, complete all calculations necessary to conclude which window the shooter fired from. E-mail these calculations to your teacher and wait for feedback. Then make any necessary corrections before moving on to Part 2.

Question 1 options: Hint: Complete the diagram with the given information found in the Police and Ballistics Reports. Then express the height that the bullet is fired from in terms of the bullet’s angle of entry and the angle W. Use this as a starting point to determine which window the gun was fired from.

NOTE: This is a 3d diagram. The building is perpendicular to the ground. Triangle VGH is on the plane of the ground. VGH shares a side with the building which is perpendicular to the ground.

There is a solution on course hero but it is wrong because the line HG doesn’t go all the way straight to the bottom.

* Attachment 1
* Attachment 2

In Math,We Trust- IT-VHS Police Department97:$65 Virtual LandVHIS Police*Fallhedge , CAReport $ 56987Date of Incident : June 21Reporting Officer : H. Sine , Crime Scene Investigator*IncidentOn June 21 at the location of 360 Trigonometric Apartments , " victim shot by the suspect at 7:13 p.mfrom the window of the building .The building Is a high rise apartment building with ten floors . There were residents home from the 5#^I’m, and I" floors from a unit facing the road where the victim was shot . There Is 3. 04 } m between eachapartment floor .`All suspects have pleaded not guilty and claims to not have any relations with the victim . At the time ofthe crime the victim was walking their dog .Witness StatementWitness : C. TanC. Tan I’My was 10’m away from the victim (V/ when the shot was fired . Both the victim and the witness*we’re an equal distance from the door ( G ) of the apartment building when the crime occurred . ( SeeFigure 1 1" I heard a loud bang from the apartment building . When I looked up I saw a person running*from a window . The victim was not far from where I was standing when the Incident occurred . IImmediately called the VHS Police Department emergency line for help . "Crime Scene Sketch_IT th FreeH jet^ Floor_^`FloodVictim10 mWitness

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