In Carbon Monoxide Poisoning The Co Replaces The O2 Absorbed

In carbon monoxide poisoning the CO replaces the O2 absorbed on hemoglobin (Nb) molecules in the blood. To show the effect, consider a model for which each adsorption site on a heme may be vacant or may be occupied either with energy EA by one molecule O2 or with energy εB by one molecule CO. let N fixed heme sites be in equilibrium with O2 and CO in the gas phases at concentrations such that the activities are λ(O2) = 1 × 10-5 and λ(CO) = 1 × 10-7, all at body temperature 37oC. Neglect any spin multiplicity factors
(a) First consider the system in the absence of CO. evaluate εA such that 90 percent of the Hb sites are occupied by O2.
(b) Now admit the CO under the specified conditions. Find εB such that only 10 percent of the H sites are occupied by O2

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