I M Trying To Apply The Bayes Theorem Supplied Facts Lab Test Produces False Neg

Need help thinking through this one. I’m trying to apply the Bayes Theorem

Supplied facts:

lab-test produces false negatives 2% of the time and false positives 5% of the time. Assume that 10% of the employees at this company use drugs.

False Negative = N 0.02 N’ correct results ?

False Positives = P 0.05

Using drugs = D 0.10 Not using drugs = D’ 0.90

a. If an employee tests positive for drug use, what is the probability that he/she does not use drugs?

P(P|D’)*P(D’) =

b. What is the probability a drug user tests negative twice in a row?

c. A non-drug user was tested positive for drug use. In response to her/his complaint, the company agreed to conduct her/his drug test again. What is the probability that her/his test will turn positive again?

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