I M Having Trouble With This Java Assignment Can You Help

I’m having trouble with this Java assignment. Can you help?


1\. List two boundary conditions that should be checked when testing method readInt below. The second and third parameters represent the upper and lower bounds for a range of valid integers.

/** Returns an integer data value within range minN and maxN inclusive

* @param scan a Scanner object

* @param minN smallest possible value to return

* @param maxN largest possible value to return

* @return the first value read between minN and maxN


public static int readInt (Scanner scan, int minN, int maxN) {

if (minN > maxN)

throw new IllegalArgumentException (“In readlnt, minN ” + minN + ” not <= maxN " + maxN) ; boolean inRange = false; // Assume no valid number read. int n = 0; while (!inRange) { // Repeat until valid number read. System.out.println("Enter an integer from " + minN + " to " + maxN + ": ") ; try { n = scan.nextlnt(); inRange = (minN <= n & & n <= maxN) ; } catch (InputMismatchException ex) { scan.nextLine(); System.out.println("not an integer - try again"); } } // End while return n; // n is in range } 2\. Devise test data to test the method readInt using a. white-box testing b. black-box testing PROGRAMMING 1\. Compose a search method with four parameters: the search array, the target, the start subscript, and the finish subscript. The last two parameters indicate the part of the array that should be searched. Your method should catch or throw exceptions where warranted.

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