I M Doing The Elvis Meltdown 1 How Would You Go About Isolating Your Pure Cultur

I’m doing the ELVIS meltdown. 1) how would you go about isolating your pure culture.2) if your goal is to characterize the ETPUM, whose results are more informative: yours or your boss’s? Why? what do your result indicate about the nature of this microbe? Does its biochemical composition most closely resemble that of prokaryote or eukaryote? gram positive or gram negative? do you agree with your boss boss’s conclusion that the ETPUM is a prokaryotic eukaryotic hybrid? why or not.3) come up with at least two alternative explanation for the amazing redistribution of the ETPUM on the Lycra-sealed slide. both your answer should not be considered how microbes sensed the presence of polyurethane . one of your answer should be not involve flagella

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