I M Doing A Project On Worldcom And I Need Help With Answering These Questions

I’m doing a Project on WorldCom and I need help with answering these questions.

1\. what are the industry-specific challenges such as specialization, competition, growth, this organization is faced with? Hoe do these challenges relate to the company’s business environment?

2\. Base on the case study , what behaviors did employees exhibit that were indicative of fraud? Describe the pressures the employees faced from management that might have led to the fraud. How could they have been avoided?

3\. Access the strengths of the organization’s internal controls. Where are the weaknesses and how might these lead to fraud?

4\. how could you address the weaknesses in order to improve them? what measures could you take to ensure this would improve the weaknesses?

5\. what sorts of anomalies were contained within the finical statements or additional financial analysis? how do these anomalies relate to the potential fraudulent activity?

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