I Learning Curve Analysis Learning Goals After Reading This Supplement You Shoul

***Please only accept if you are able to provide a detailed response using the same methodology as used in the attached.***Freddie and Jason have just opened the Texas Toothpick,a chain-saw sharpening and repair service located onElm Street. The Texas Toothpick promises same-weekrepair service. Freddie and Jason are concerned that aprojected dramatic increase in demand as the end ofOctober nears will cause service to deteriorate. Freddieand Jason have had difficulty attracting employees, sothey are the only workers available to complete the work.Safety considerations require that they each work nomore than 40 hours per week. The first chain-saw sharpeningand repair required 7 hours of work, and an 80 percentlearning curve is anticipated.Week Units Cumulative UnitsOctober 2–6 8 8October 9–13 19 27October 16–20 10 37October 23–27 27 64a. How many total hours are required to complete 64chain saws?b. How many hours of work are required for the weekending on Friday the 13th?c. Will Freddie and Jason be able to keep their same weekservice promise during their busiest week justbefore Halloween? Additional Requirements Min Pages: 1 Level of Detail: Show all work Other Requirements: [work standard time]

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