I Just Wondering If I Could Have Some Advice On My Assessment I Have Started An

I just wondering if I could have some advice on my assessment.

I have started an argument on “men can not be feminists” but I feel as though it is quite weak. If I could have some help, maybe on what to add or what I need to improve. It would be much appreciated.

Here is what I have so far…

Feminism has become a subversive and revolutionary movement that has made a significant impact on the social transformation of equality. The intended idea of feminism was to permanently end the clash of the sexes and create a modern world where men are not the monopolises of power but are instead, interchangeable with women. Feminism is a movement that seeks to attain equal rights for fair gender distribution, which is why it is vital that men continue to advocate for women’s rights. Those who are pro-feminist are essential for social patriarchy, creating a power-sharing force that liberate an egalitarian society. However, it is those men who loudly proclaim to be feminists, who cultivate a feminist public persona by going out of their way to associate with progressive women, they are the type unmasked to be hypocritical misogynists. These men attempt to detach themselves from the culture of male supremacy, adopting strategies that put women on a platform of worship (Rogan, 2018). Though, they have pre-existing ulterior motives of exploiting the fact that women are eager to support their socially ingrained power to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Over the past few years, there has been a trend of high-profile men who were glorified in the past for their pro-feminist contributions to society, receiving endless amounts of appraisal for their work. Men such as, executive film producer Harvey Weinstein, who funded a gender studies professorship, attended women rights rallies, campaigned for the first female presidential nominee by a major party, and produced a popular documentary about sexual assault. Weinstein was accused of multiple counts of rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse over a period of at least thirty years (Cooney, 2019). Louis C.K., a well-known famous comedian who upheld an active career based on being a ‘male feminist’, admitted to sexual harassment and misconduct (Truong, 2019). These are two prime examples, of men in power that played a fundamental role in the public eye, using feminist-minded political work to create advancements in their careers and to compensate for their misogynistic acts towards women, behind the scenes.

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