I Just Need The Source Code I Would Put Into Microsoft Visual C 2008 Express To

I just need the source code I would put into Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express to make it work.You need to write a program that calculates and displays the take-home pay for a commissioned sales employee along with all of the deductions.Input: Prompt the user for the weekly salesProcess: Perform the calculations. The employee receives 7% of her total sales as her gross pay. Her federal tax rate is 18%. She contributes 10% to her retirement program and 6% to Social Security.Output: Display the resultsSample Output from Lab 1:Enter Weekly Sales: 28000Total Sales: 28000.00Gross pay (7%): 1960.00Federal tax paid: 352.80Social security paid: 117.60Retirement contribution: 196.00Total deductions: 666.40Take home pay: 1293.60Press any key to continue . . .Pseudo Code:1. Declare variables2. Accept Input – weeklySales3. Calculate Gross Pay = Weekly Sales * .074. Calculate Federal Tax = Gross Pay * .185. Calculate Social Security = Gross Pay * .066. Calculate Retirement = Gross Pay * .17. Calculate Total Deductions = Federal Tax + Social Security + Retirement8. Calculate Total Take Home Pay = Gross Pay – Total Deductions9. Display the following on separate lines and format variables with $ and decimala. Total Sales Amount: value of weekly salesb. Gross Pay (.07): value of gross payc. Federal Tax paid (.18): value of federal taxd. Social Security paid (.06): value of social securitye. Retirement contribution (.1): value of retirementf. Total Deductions: value of total deductionsg. Take Home Pay: value of take home payNote: use SetPrecisions(2) to format the output, the statements should look something like://include the iomanip header file at the top of the file#include//use fixed and setprecision(2) to format the number//use setw(8) to control the width of the field//use t to control the spacing between fieldscout << fixed << setprecision(2);cout << "Gross Pay (0.07):t $" << setw(8) << grossPay << endl;I need to just be able to paste the code into visual express 2008 and have it with no errors and be able to run.

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