How do they explain the method through which overseas colonization

Between 1750 and 1900, the people of Great Britain underwent profound changes at home and assumed different relationships with people abroad. At home, the industrialization process began. Great Britain experienced the growth of larger urban and working classes, and demands from these expanding social groups for greater representation in government. The country saw the growth of nationalism, of a more broadly defined national community, and of a stronger central state to promote the welfare of the nation. In short, Great Britain became more noticeably what we have called a nation state. Like other nation states, the British nation state developed new empires overseas during this era, particularly during the second half of the nineteenth century. While imperialism, including overseas colonization of foreign people, was nothing new in British history, this new manifestation of imperialism reflected changing attitudes and assumptions about the British perception of themselves and the world around them. These documents examine the rhetoric of imperialism during this age. As you examine them, analyze how perceptions of colonized people on behalf of these British officials and citizens reflected social, political, and economic developments at home. In short, how do they explain the method through which overseas colonization extended the process of nation building at home?


Read the pdf first and make sure to incite text from which article. no citation page. 5 paragraphs, APA style, 3 full pages, font times new roman, font size 12, double spaced.

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