Hiwd 370 presentation quiz 2 (2020)

  1. English colonization in Australia took the form of:
  2. The history of Abraham’s children, Ismael and Isaac, shows that God hates Arabs.
  3. Who changes the face of navigation and exploration in the 18th century?
  4. Although they started from opposites sides of the world, and from very different cultures, the ships that Zheng He sailed in were remarkably similar to the ships that Columbus sailed in a few decades later.
  5. Zheng He’s descendants would have created an exploration dynasty except that political pressure from the emperor kept them from doing so.
  6. It could be said that the people of ancient Israel invented history.
  7. What important determination does Cook make, using his new navigation tools?
  8. What is a “Tol’doth”?
  9. James Cook’s explorations in Polynesia coincided with native religious expectations, creating a mythic image of him in the minds of many local people and eventually leads to his death.
  10. Zheng He’s impact on the societies that he visited was primarily limited to one-time trade, since the emperor prevented long-term interactions.
  11. Eunuchs had a particular, sometimes very powerful, place in Chinese politics.
  12. What navigator took a meticulously planned trip of exploration, scientific examination, and political and economic strategy based on almost three centuries of previous exploration, and tasked with the (unachieved) goal of being perfectly safe.
  13. Zheng He was ethnically of which group?
  14. Unlike many other explorers, Lapérouse was able to maintain a positive relationship with local peoples he met in his travels.
  15. Lapérouse returned home to many accolades for his success.




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HIWD 370 Presentation Quiz 2 (2020)

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