History 147 ob chapter 8


For each chapter of OB, you should read the entire chapter and take notes (which you will likely use on the respective assignment, as well as in your Midterm/Final Exam studying and other course work).  Once you have finished reading the Chapter, you should look at the “Post-Reading Questions” at the end of the Chapter and  of the Post-Reading Questions answer. Alternatively, you can choose the “Journal Option” (Option 3 below). For each question set, you should write a 1-2 page typewritten response, being sure to use information directly from the documents themselves.  Each answer should also include  one direct quotation from at least three of the sources referenced in the question (for a total of at least three quotes).  Each question set’s answer is worth a possible 2 points.  Late Assignments will NOT be accepted.  

The questions for Chapter 8 (you should CHOOSE ONE to answer in 1-2 pages) are: 

  1. According to the documents in this chapter, what were some of the positive changes made for blacks in the United States during Reconstruction? What were some of the problems that Reconstruction posed for blacks?  
  2. Pretend you are a former slave who was freed by the 13th Amendment. Using specific examples and quotes from the primary source documents in this chapter, write a letter to a friend or family member (also a former slave who was freed by the 13th Amendment) about your hopes, happiness, fears, and doubts about your future. 
  3. JOURNAL OPTION: Write 1-2 pages of notes on all of the documents you read in this chapter and, at the end, write down 5 questions (i.e. phrases you don’t understand, “aha!” moments you had, contemporary things that you are comparing the reading to).  Please see the Journal Notes/Questions Guide (under “Files” for more guidance).  Notes/Questions should be typewritten and single-spaced.

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