Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Law Offie The Word Of Mouth Adv

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Law Offie.

the word-of-mouth advertising is not sufficient for the attraction and retention of clientele, and it is critical to introduce other modes of marketing within our firm. It is significant for our firm to implement a suitable business plan in accordance with the nation’s set rules.

Owing to my 20 years in the field, my observation compelled me to conclude that numerous law firms do not clearly understand marketing within their firm. As such, failure has resulted in many firms thereby incurring significant losses. In a marketing plan, it will be imperative for ILaw Chambers LLC to look into the following:

All members of the firm ought to improve on their impression while meeting with clients. It is also critical to focus on clients’ special needs, which are different from our fields (Roper 2007, 500). This aids in connecting with the client personally, and hence winning their trust. Additionally, though it may be imperative to hand out business cards, it is critical to consider individuals that you give the business cards. It is also crucial to form and maintain the contacts of target clients.

It is critical for our firm to consider our target customer (Roper 2007, 500). This will significantly aid in the selection of a proper marketing option that will reach the larger number of clients. Choice of a proper advertising plan is crucial since reaching our target clients means an improvement in our client base, thereby leading to the growth of our firm. Failure to consider our target markets may result in wasting money on wrong forms of media advertisement, which may be costly and time wasting.

Technology has capacitated various businesses to relate with their target customers. It also enables marketers to promote new products cheaply. As such, it will be critical for our firm to incorporate technology in advertising our firm. Various social media networks will assist us significantly in promoting our service to potential clients. This will aid in attracting and

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