Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Lack Of Parental Involvement In

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Lack of parental involvement in the childrens education.

This research will begin with the statement that in the Reading Edge program, there are professional development opportunities that are offered by the SFA staff. These opportunities include a training period where the teacher can learn additional skills that will help them to embed this program into their lesson plans and will effectively help the teachers to utilizes this program properly. The first thing that this training focuses on is the instructional strategies for including elements to lesson plans that will develop the student’s “word recognition, fluency, and comprehension skills“. Secondly, the teachers will learn how to integrate routines and practice into these lesson plans, which will help these students to succeed, since “classroom management methods based on cooperative learning have both immediate and lasting impact on students’ behavior and achievement”. The teachers will also learn new evaluation techniques and will learn how to adjust their lesson plans if they are not achieving the desired results. These new lesson plans will include high amounts of repetition, which is what the students need at this level of their education. There will also be special support available for school administrators, which will be the most important part of this process, as it is up to the administrators to ensure that the program is being used properly by the staff. There will also be ongoing in-class support from the SFA staff, which will help the teacher along considerably.

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